Virtualisation for cloud game

I’m new to the forum, so I think I’m in the right place.
I’m researching the possibilities of cloud gaming and its costs for my thesis and also researching possible infrastructure solutions. Basically my topic is to use cloud technology to play one specific game and this game can only be played through cloud gaming. I’m also interested to know why no one is doing it yet.
I chose the Oracle infrastructure and its instance based on NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core. And then I faced the issue of virtualization. As far as I understood, this is the process of splitting GPUs into virtual GPUs. But I did not find any information about the maximum number of virtual GPUs. In Oracle, the NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core has 24 GB of GPU Memory. Does this mean that I can create 24 vGPUs on one instance and thus have 24 clients for the game? I feel like I’m making a mistake somewhere. Is there something I should know? Maybe you have some thoughts on my topic.




the topic is pretty complicated. You cannot simply choose a cloud instance with GPU and use vGPU. In general, you are right with the idea that you could share a A10 GPU with 24GB of FB into 24 vGPU instances with 1GB but this needs to be done with the right software stack and licenses and you would need access to the hypervisor to do so.


I can’t just choose a cloud instance with GPU and use vGPU because there are licenses that restrict how I can use this vGPU? What specific licenses and software do I need to have for this?