Can't flash Jetpack 4.4 on NX module(Hynix DRAM and eMMC memory version)

Hi Nvidia,
For customers who have a new NX module with Hynix memory and they don’t want to update their L4T image to Jetpack4.4.1. According to the document PCN206980 description:

For customers using L4T releases JetPack 4.4 GA / BSP 32.4.3 or later who do not wish to fully update to JetPack 4.4.1 / BSP
32.4.4, the necessary changes may be integrated by using the APT server to pull the following Debian packages:
• nvidia-l4t-tools
• nvidia-l4t-bootloader

Can you share the steps on how to integrate these two Debian packages into Jetpack 4.4 and flash the NX image by SDKmanager. Thank you.

Attached is the SDKmanager failed log for your reference.

NX_Hynix_Jetpack4.4.txt (5.8 KB)

You may try with pulling the Debian packages as mentioned in the recommended actions mentioned at the doc, see NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Over-The-Air Updates | NVIDIA Docs