Can't install CodeWorks 1R6 on Ubuntu 17.10 (Linux)

When I try to run the CodeWorks set-up program (file name, I get the following error right after clicking next on the “choose installation path” window: “Error occurs during installation. Return code: 2, exit status 127”.

To be able to successfully install CodeWorks on Ubuntu.

How can I resolve this?

CodeWorks 1R6 installer for Linux
Ubuntu 17.10 x64
GNOME 3.26.2 desktop environment
2x Nvidia GTX 980
Nvidia 384.90 proprietary graphics driver
Linux kernel 4.13.0-19-generic

I’m seeing the exact same problem. I got around it by installing dos2unix manually before running the installer.

Hi, CodeWorks 1R6 supports Ubuntu 14.04. CodeWorks 1R7 adds support for Ubuntu 16.04.

I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Do you know when will be available version of CodeWorks that supports this version of Ubuntu?

Hi a.zacniewski, we are looking into supporting Ubuntu 18.04 in CodeWorks 1R8. However, the final list of features and release date is not final yet. I will keep you posted once set.

Is there any news about Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ?

Is there any news about Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ?

Next version of CodeWorks will support Ubuntu 18.04. ETA is not confirmed yet. I will keep posted.