Can't launch simultaneously DirectX Game app and NVENC video encoding on Tesla M60 (Amazon instance g3.4xlarge)


We are developing the DirectX12 application (game) based on Unreal Engine 4.
We want the application to be rendered as a game on GPU and to use video encoding H.264. It should work simultaneously.

On current configuration (g3.4xlarge, Parsec AMI) the game on GPU works but NVENC doesn’t work. We use driver version 390.85.

For example, we’ve tested a working application called “OBS” which supports NVENC but the application also doesn’t work.

Could you help us to launch the DirectX application and video encoding using NVENG at the same time?

Thank you.

Hi o.varlakova,

Do NVENC sample apps from Video Codec SDK work with the game running at the same time for you?
When NVENC does not work, do you see any errors?


Now we have installed 370.16 driver version.

We launched encoding by the command: “NvEncoder.exe -i sintel_trailer_2k_480p24.y4m -o test -size 840 420”
It seems working with no errors but it creates an empty file

Also, we managed to launch decoding but with the mistake

Moreover, we’ve installed different drivers and checked again. You can see the results of our tests: