Can't turn on 1.8V power supply for the camera module

From what I can understand “en-vdd-cam” or gpio233 controls the 1.8V regulator that goes into the camera module (I have a custom camera module board). Except “/sys/kernel/debug/gpio” shows that something already has control of gpio233 and is holding it low, thus disabling the 1.8V which my board needs. How do I control that gpio and set it high?

hello randyzhg,

you can simply use the GPIO macros in your sensor kernel driver to control the pins.
please refer to below. thanks

for example,

gpio_set_value(pw->reset_gpio, 0);

also, here’s definitions about this macro.

static inline void __gpio_set_value(unsigned gpio, int value)
    return gpiod_set_raw_value(gpio_to_desc(gpio), value);

Hi Jerry, thanks for the hint!