Capture Frame with Vulkan API crashes Visual Studio


Here is my system info:

Vulkan SDK: LunarG
System: Windows 10 Pro Build 15063
Video card: GeForce 660M
CPU: Intel i7-3630QM
(this is a laptop)
Driver version: 388.59, from NVIDIA GeForce Experience app

NSight version: 5.4
Visual Studio version: 2017, 15.5.2

I can start my application via “Start Graphics Debugging” and the HUD is visible (little box with “NVIDIA Nsight Enabled” in the upper right corner). However, trying to capture a frame either by Spacebar or by “Pause and Capture Frame” crashes Visual Studio.
My first idea was of course that something is wrong in my program, but the same thing happens on sample code shipped with the SDK (spinning cube with LunarG logo) and “Hello Vulkan” sample from GameWorks samples (from here:

Why is it happening?

Hi pnowakow,

I’m sorry for the problem you met.
I tested the sample using an internal nsight build locally, no crash, it worked fine with nsight.
Please wait for the release build and then check it again.