NSight Graphics profile capture crashes target Vulkan application

I’m having severe and upfront issues trying to profile my Vulkan application. I can get as far as starting my app through Nsight, and it will render as normal. The moment I try to capture a profile or frame debug, it immediately gives me weird validation layer messages, and after a few seconds, crashes my app. Capture only gets to ~55% before this happens.

No files are produced from the capture.
No error messages are shown apart from the connection to the target app closing.

App specific information:
Development language: C# (Not sure if this might be an issue, being that there appears to be C++ specific functionality in Nsight)
Runtime: .NET 6

Hello @Gamma_Draconis and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I took the liberty of moving your topic to the NSight Graphics category. Judging from your short problem description I rather think that NSight experts will be able to help you.

Thank you. I’m a bit inexperienced with forums.

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I am sorry you ran into this problem. Are you able to share a crash dump? Which version of Nsight Graphics were you running? You mentioned you also saw some weird validation layer messages. Can you share those messages? If it is easier you can email me at dwoods@nvidia.com.

Nsight Graphics version 2022.1.1

There is no crash dump to give, as far as I’m aware. The only thing crashing is my app and for seemingly no known reason.

From the validation messages, I can only conclude its messing with the commands I’m sending. These do not appear under any circumstances while I’m running the app normally.

I’m using the new Dynamic Rendering feature of Vulkan 1.3, could that be it? Does Nsight support 1.3?

Yes we have support for Vulkan 1.3 in Nsight Graphics 2022.1.1. Let me check with our engineering team to see if they can glean anything that could be an issue. By the way did you look at the user guide here to see if this would help User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation?

This did nothing. And besides, its not that the layer is not being injected.
Edit: At least that’s what the link sent me to.

I failed to deliver a key detail, that being that it always fails at Capture progress checkpoint: Processing object mutations

Can you possibly share a repro? If so, you can email me at dwoods@nvidia.com.

A minimal repro would be difficult, due to the nature of vulkan, so I will clean up what I have and then send it to you for testing after verifying the issue persists.

Edit: Sent.

I seem to have found the issue after some unrelated testing. I was waiting on the previous operation after requesting a new image from the window system. Upon switching that ordering, it works perfectly. (Waiting on the previous operation to finish before requesting a new image to draw to) I’m curious why this is an issue.

Thoughts on why this might be a problem? Anybody?

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