Frame Debugger hangs during Capture for live analysis


My app was working fine with Nsight Graphics until I started creating an image array.
Now Nsight Graphics hangs when hitting the Capture for live analysis button.

It hangs at this step:


The app works fine when run normally.

Simply creating the image array causes the hang. The image array is not yet used anywhere.

I am using:

  • Nsight Graphics version 2020.3.1.0
  • GeForce Game Ready Developer Beta Driver version 443.24
  • Windows 10

Hi Philippe. Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you send me some more information on this error? In particular, what graphics API are you using? What is the dimensionality of the image array? While creating this array, are you using any parameters that are non-explicit and instead automatically calculate any of the dimensions of this array? With this information, we might be able to reproduce the issue on our side. As a quicker alternative, if you were able to share with us a reproducible, that would be an even faster and more direct approach to addressing the issue.

Please find attached a zip file that contains a voxel.exe app that reproduces the issue.

It is using Vulkan API version 1.2.145 and is a msys2/mingw Rust application.

I have noticed that when Nsight hangs my application consumes a full CPU and memory usage keeps growing.

PS: I am not allowed to upload the zip file as an attachment.

Could you send me the application through an alternative file sharing service? Feel free to PM me the link.

The app creates an image array made of 4 layers. Each image is 32x32. No mips.
While not used in app that I sent, the image layer works fine otherwise.

I can reproduce this issue on my side as well. The hang is occurring in the vulkan driver as Nsight makes some calls to capture data. We will look at this issue (DG-8670) and look to see whether it can be addressed in our next release.

Is the bug tracking system publicly accessible ?

No, this is not publicly accessible. I just included here to create an association for any NVIDIA developers that observe this case.

Hi Philippe,

A few months ago you reported an Nsight Graphics issue regarding frame debugger hanging during a Capture for live analysis. I wanted to let you know that this issue has been addressed in Nsight Graphics 2020.4, released on 08/24/2020. Thanks again for reporting your issue, and if you have any further comments, don’t hesitate to send in more feedback.


Darrell Woods, Nsight Graphics Program Manager

Hi Darrell,

Thanks for letting me know about the fix in 2020.4.

I tested my app and it now works and Capture for live analysis does not hang anymore. Great !

But I have noticed that if the Vulkan Validation Layer is enabled, then nsight fails to attach to the process. I am pretty sure (but not 100% sure) that this was not an issue with 2020.3.1.
Please note that I have upgraded to the latest VVL since reporting the initial issue.

Hi Phillippe,

Could it be that the application is crashing in the validation layer? I would recommend trying the steps outlined here: . We have seen many crashes coming from the vulkan validations layers reported by users. In general, they can be very good, but they do have bugs or incomplete functionality like any other tool, and I would suggest turning it off if you are finding it is crashing when run with Nsight Graphics, especially given that it is non-necessary for running Nsight.