Case for B01 version?

Does anyone know of a case that works with the B01 version of the Jetson Nano dev kit? I’ve tried rigging a couple of the older ones, but just not working as well as I’d like.

Thanks, Rick

Hi Rick,

Please refer to below thread to see if can find suitable one:

Unfortunately those all seem to be for the old version. I noticed that Yahboom just released a new one that accommodates the B01, it’s only acrylic, but also fairly inexpensive. I ordered a couple while I wait for a metal one.

Yahboom NVIDIA Jetson Nano Board Acrylic Protective Case compatible with A02/B01

Hi Rick,

Please see

We specialise in commercial and industrial enclosures for the Jetson Family. Our enclosures are compatible with the new B01. We also have Power over Ethernet modules delivering 20W (5V@4A) compatible with PoE 802,3af,at,bt

The product I think you are looking for is here

Regards, RapidProto