Nano cases

Has anyone found inexpensive cases for the nano? The connect tech 3d printed enclosures are ok but would prefer to buy a pre-made as I don’t have a local 3d printer handy.

Hi eousphoros, since the Nano just launched recently, the ConnectTech Nano-Pac is the only one I know of so far. In the future would anticipate additional 3rd-party enclosures coming to market for Jetson Nano.

If you would like a Nano-Pac but don’t have a 3D printer, you could use a 3D-printing service to make it for you. See some examples of these on the JetBot wiki: [url]3D printing · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetbot Wiki · GitHub

Here is another 3d print file available

I do like that one, have a couple printing.

It’d be great if the case could also support the holes for connecting Wifi antennas to the M.2 modules. There are some antennas which would require mounting like these:

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Jumping on this thread just in case others stumble upon this thread. I just finished this case design for 3d printing. Take a look – would like feedback.


Nice case Joe, my only feedback is the fan appears to have some partial obstruction. Though if you are taking requests, having a slot on the side to pass through the camera ribbon cable with mounting holes for a raspi cam and a slot in the base to stick in a USB disk enclosure would be pretty nifty ;)

Thanks for the feedback! I have added a “Mini” version of this design. Again, feedback is appreciated. Nvidia Jetson Nano Case – NanoMesh Mini by flyattack - Thingiverse

Ooh, that is a sharp looking case! Thank you for sharing.

I had the Connecttech case printed by using PETG since it has good thermal properties. Cost was ~$42.00 and took around a week to ship. I had to cut a hole in the top of the case to put in a fan. The default case could use more ventilation above the cooler if a fan is not used.

We are developing a high quality aluminum case for this board. Other than supporting the recommended noctua fan, any other recommendations?


Here is our latest release! Loading...


What a great idea! I was wondering whether someone was going to build an aluminium case for the Nano. I’d definitely be a customer :)

I have an idea, don’t know how feasible it is:
What if the case could double as a heat sink? That is, one could screw Nano’s heat sink directly to the aluminium case itself! Not only would that act as a fastener, but that would also help keep the entire thing cool.

Another option is to make the case a bit wider on the side, mount Nano’s heatsink directly to the case, then mount the fan on the side of the case such that it’d pull fresh air from the outside and blows directly to the heatsink. I personally hate to have a thick fan mounted on top of Nano’s already large heatsink, makes everything look weird. With a side-mounted fan, and the aluminium case acting as a heatsink, I double the whole thing would get very warm.

Think about external antennas capabilities (BT & Wifi)

For the aluminum case, could it have a version that includes the power supply?

I also would like at least one hole for a button (push button for power-on) and maybe one second hole for a LED, and a top cover which when removed make it easy to assess SD card…

A pass-through slot for a GPIO extender ribbon cable would be a good addition.

I made a nano case if you guys need one with flanges. Printed on an ender 3.

seems great case!!!

@57Bravo - dude! nice work on the case AND on the Fixture!