Jetson Nano in outdoor product solution

Hello Support,

We are going to use Jetson Nano for embedded outdoor product (Iot product) which will be installed on streetlight pole. I gone through thermal design guide of Jetson Nano & will appreciate below queries/ information,

  • Our product is going to be IP66/ IP67, can NVIDIA suggest a high level thermal design idea of using Jetson Nano for outdoor application?

  • Sun loading is going to become challenge if metal enclosure is used & we don’t want to employ complex active cooling schemes/ fans, etc. So any idea NVIDIA can provide to make our product work reliability in our application.


This fits the Nano with room for a 10mm noctua fan, but there is barely any room on top so I’m not sure what the airflow is like. Also unsure of the thermals under load, but it fits, and it’s waterproof. There are also cheaper security camera housings that are waterproof and have fans and heating inside (for the cold. Only tested them with Pi, however. It worked for them.

Hello mdegans,

Thanks for your suggestions. Actually, we have one version of product with SOM inside from other 3rd party. It is circular in form factor & completely of plastic with all connector, etc IP66 rated.

As of now there no room for air flow, all convection happens through plastic body only so internal enclosure temperatures goes 20’C higher than ambient & processor junction temperatures (though passive heat sink attached) many times go above 90’C resulting into CPU speed throttling. We intend to rate product for 50’C ambient. We are looking into 5-7 years reliability of product so no fan or moving component kept in product.

I came across Jetson Nano & thought of using this product in rectangular form factor with some mechanism to attach processor case to metal enclosure chasis but then sun loading seems to be other issue for metal enclosures. We are looking with complete passive thermal dissipation.

FYI, product will contain 2X PoE+, 1 USB 3.0, 2X USB 2.0, etc. So lot of power dissipation is going to happen inside product & hence thought if NVIDIA could recommend anything better which has been working fine at field will be good for us.

Is there any recommendation suitable for our kind of product? Please advise.


Hope someone has such experience can be shared, or you can reach out to vendors in ecosystem ( The key points of custom thermal solution design are all in thermal design guide.

Sorry for not following up. I don’t know of anything off-hand that fits your requirements. Hopefully someone else has some ideas.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for you response, will see if someone having such experience share some ideas or worst we will reach out to some vendor from list shared.


Hi mdegans,
OK, Got it.


What did you end up using as a solution?

Hello John,

Yes, we have designed first version of electronics & as of now we are working on its testing. Shortly we will work on its thermal & mechanical part.