KKSB Jetson Nano Case - Black Steel Enclosure

Designed to dissipate heat from the board. There is plenty of openings in the case to blow hot air out and cold air in. On the boards integrated heatsink is space to mount a 40x40 fan. For example 40x40x20, or 40x40x10.

We recommend the Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX fan for the Jetson Nano. The fan can be mounted to the heatsink with 4pcs M3 screws that will make tap the drilled holes on the fan.

The board is placed on self-clinching standoffs on the bottom part and the top part is assembled with screws for a secure mounting.

Both top and bottom part are made of steel to support the thin structure. They are coated with powder coat.

Includes a camera mount for the Jetson Nano which can be connected to the case. The camera arm is adjustable for different camera angles.

Compatible with the arm:

Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2
e-CAM30_CUNANO - 3.4 MP NVIDIA® Jetson NANO™ Camera
Includes rubber feet for stability and protection and there is mounting holes 70x75 mm on the underside.

The case suitable for both for industrial and hobby use.

http://bit.ly/2MOnaLz USA & Canada
http://bit.ly/2KSCEvh International

Cool! Thanks for the sharing!

FYI, We developed an IP67 rated Nano case for commercial/industrial applications. Nano connectors are behind cover panel so great for both development and deployment. The case can be found here …https://www.iotamy.com/nano-case