Looking for some help with a hardware-related question for my business

Hi all,

I’m new here and so I’m not sure if this is in the correct forum, so please accept my apologies if not!

I’m a recent Masters in Applied AI grad and I’m looking to set my own business up. The problem that I have is that there’s quite a dizzying array of software/hardware setups out there for differing tasks and I’m a bit confused as to what sort of setup I could use for a specific tasl. My course focused mostly on the coding/software aspects of AI and so I’m fine with that, but the hardware that we used mostly belonged to the university and we weren’t exposed to the workings of it much. I have been looking with interest at the Nvidia Jetson and Jetson Nano and they look like fantastic little devices!

My business idea is to supply small to medium-sized firms with environmental/carbon monitoring capability, with the ability to process data in real-time and output to a dashboard, probably using something like Microsoft Power BI. It would typically pull data from on-site smart energy meters, water meters and such. Also possibly some kind of IoT weight sensors on waste bins to monitor recycling and waste disposal metrics.

What I am wondering is if anybody might have any thoughts on using something like a Jetson Nano for this task, and whether it would be suitable for a setup of this type? I would rather be able to set up an edge device to take care of data processing on-site rather than solely in the cloud, for reasons such as reduced latency, data security and reduced cloud costs. With MS Power BI their “Power BI Reporting Server” is included with the licence so I’m assuming that this could be installed on the Jetson Nano to run there?

Has anybody had any experience of similar applications who could possibly give me their thoughts on this, or a little bit of advice or a nod to any other resources which might help me?

Thanks in advance to anybody replying, I really appreciate your time and help!



Welcome to the forums! I am going to move your topic over to the Jetson forums for greater exposure.

Anybody…? I’d really appreciate any help, advice or constructive criticism :)

Thanks all


I don’t have answer for “Power BI Reporting Server” as no experience on it.
You can find some other sharing projects at Latest Jetson & Embedded Systems/Jetson Projects topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums to see if can gain some ideas.

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