Smart Manufacturing

I work for a manufacturing company and we build large electrical and mechanical machinery with application to industrial robotics using PLCs (not autonomous robots).
Our use case is to develop a model predictive control that is trained continuously on industrial sensors data and do multi-variable forecasting, with couple of AWS services. I have evaluated Jetson Nano and Xavier industrial for industrial robotics. However, the architecture involve quite bit of threading and couldn’t prove suitable.
Now, I am looking into NVIDIA IGX Orin and other NVIDIA devices for this use case in industrial robotics as one hardware for edge computing and streaming data from and to the machine. And, we want to further automate and smart our manufacturing processes (laser, bending, assembling and multi-location inventory management.
Any one has attempted (or something similar) to develop model predictive control and smart manufacturing using NVIDIA IGX Orin hardware or any other NVIDIA AI hardware, besides Jetson Nano?

There are many interesting projects sharing at Latest Jetson & Embedded Systems/Jetson Projects topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums, some of them might be related with your projects, hope that useful to you.