Any Jetson Nano case available?

Is there any Nano case available or planned?


Hi ManniX-ITA, there have been a handful of open source 3D-printed cases posted, you can find them listed here:

Ouch, shouldn’t have missed that.
Went over and over many times that wiki page.
Thanks for the tip!

I just re-organized that section and broke it down by the type of accessory, so hopefully it’s easier to browse now! :)

Nice job, thanks!

Any good 3D printing service to recommend in Europe/Germany that is working for 1 piece?
This one was looking good:
But seems there’s no option to choose the material, it’s PLA only.


Here a user recommended who offer printing with PETG material.

There are some other 3D printing services listed on the JetBot wiki, but I’m not sure if they ship to Europe and what materials they offer to print with.

Wow, seems a very nice recommendation!
Only 12€ to build, shipment fee is a bit pricey at 10€ but overall much cheaper than expected.

Thanks again!

Ok, I didn’t expect much for 12€ but not so bad as well :)

The upper and bottom parts didn’t match and it broke very easily around the connectors.
Power via USB is critical, the plug doesn’t fit till the end.
Anyway I’m going to switch to the external 4Ah PSU soon.

I’ll try later to get something else spending some euros more, for now it does the job.

I am considering starting a kickstarter campaign for an aluminium enclosure for the Jetson Nano. My thoughts are to incorporate mounts for cameras and to provide connector panel options for dev kit main board as well as JN30 main board.

The enclosure would be aluminium, not cardboard or 3D printed plastic as these materials cannot dissipate heat.

The aluminium enclosure will be thermally designed to ensure fanless operation of the Nano, and internal mounting for cameras including e-con, Leopard, Rpi, and custom camera mount.

Is anyone interested in this, any comments on design requirements.

Just ordered this from amazon, ill report back how it works:


Please refer to, this is a metal case specially designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit by Geekworm.

Another metal case (PREORDER).

@harryf8519: I see the case listed on but it isn’t available. Do you have plans for Europe?

Hi, sir,

This box is temporarily not available for sale at Amazon DE, and you may be able to purchase it from our official website or at the Amazon UK.







Geekworm Official site

Thanks for sharing, good to see metal enclosures starting to become available for Nano!

Thanks Geekworm for your prompt answer.
Sadly this item can’t be shipped to Germany from Amazon UK.
Buying from US is not an option for me; the German customs office here is a huge waste of time and duties are very high. Also extremely rude and uncomfortable to deal with…
Hope is going to be available again on Amazon DE soon.

I’ve ordered the case directly at Geekworm (with free shipping to NL), so no need to wait for Amazon?!

This case finally arrived and I put it all together yesterday. Everything fits and assembles well, and the noctua fan fits inside as well. Solid little unit, finally made it to where I can transport the thing without fear of destroying components.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it may take more than a month to resume sales. . . Maybe you can consider purchasing this case at

No worries, I can wait. I’d appreciate if you could reply to this thread once it’s available again.
Thanks to the local customs office, I only order outside EU in case of life/death or with UPS handling it :)