NVIDIA Jetson Nano Metal Case for A02&B01 version Designed by Geekworm

This metal case is compatible with both A02 and B01 versions now. We have to increase the distance between the JETSON NANO motherboard and the front panel of the case to install the switch.

We cancel the TF card slot!!

We found that we couldn’t insert the TF card by hand or plastic tweezers even if we kept the TF card slot, so we have to cancel this card slot; We hope that the official NVIDIA will adjust the position of J50 in subsequent versions.

The old case or shopping URL refer to: NVIDIA Jetson Nano Metal Case Designed by Geekworm

Hi, thanks for choosing Jetson nano, we will report this kind of request to design team. But as you know, the dev kit is only for development, not for end product and also it is impossible to fit all requests of every customer on dev kit board. So we can’t guarantee J50 will be adjusted in subsequent versions. Hope you can understand.