What is the different from B01 and A02?

I want to know the different of Jetson Nano pinout of B01 and pinout of A02.
The A02 pinout is same as the B01

Applies to: Jetson Nano Developer Kit
The Jetson Nano A02 version of the developer kit hardware cannot boot with Intel
8260 WiFi plugged in.
This issue is fixed in the newer B01 version of the hardware

Well the connection form factor changed which, at that time of this writing, obsoleted all the possible cases and starter kits I could find on Amazon. Details on the connector differences here: https://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2020/01/16/new-revision-of-jetson-nano-dev-kit-now-supports-new-jetson-nano-module/ . I am not sure if NVIDIA understands how much more difficult it is to get started with a Nano in light of this this breaking change.