Jetson Nano Dev kit A02 version, does not boot up

new A02 version of Jetson Nano Development kit, does not boot up, once i have seen Nvidia logo came up, but then that was not showing either, the green light stays on. using USB connection with 2.5A. anybody experiencing the same thing ? also 5v. 4A power connection used, same result …

a02 is the earlier revision. Most of the kits out there now are the b01 revision. The carrier boards for a02 versus b01 are not compatible when swapped. Was the carrier board one which came with the a02 dev kit?

i’ve checked on the board, not A02, it’s B01, i was confused with earlier board. Model P3450 …
is this, not booting up, known problem ?

thanks … halit …

Was the B01 from a development kit, and the carrier board from that same kit is used? If so, then it should work. If you have an A02 module with a B01 carrier board, then boot will fail. If you are using a third party carrier board, then you’d need to make sure this is compatible.

I couldn’t say if P3450 naming convention has a difference between A02, B01, and eMMC models.

the story is my older Jetson Nano developer kit board was replaced with a new B01, and both were doing the same thing, Nvidia logo is seen only once and nothing after that. i’m not sure what are you referring as carrier board, i have only one piece of a board …
thanks … halit …


Actually, there are lots of “cannot boot” issue here everyday. But everyone has different cause.

“Stuck in NV logo” provides 0 information here. Please share the serial console log with us.

ok… i need to have a USB-Serial cable to do that, and some configuration, which can be done but another task to spare time for.
it would be nice if Nvidia tells us, what is this boot problem about, in general, we’ve read about the power not being enough and bought a 5V 4A adapter, which still did not work.
can Nvidia send a $5 adapter which is proven it works, when you connect the power and hdmi interface, at least something flushes on the screen if there is no SD card inside, or says “SD Card missing” or something, so we understand, the firmware is running fine ? so we don’t spend a month to set up the environment.


Actually everything is on the serial console. Stuck in NV logo means the bootloader gets stuck or kernel is not loaded. If you could see nv logo, it means at least cboot is running.

I would suggest you could also use sdkmanager to flash the board too.

If all these sounds new to you, then you better read documents in dlc. It is not a bad thing to get more familiar with the platform.

Also, just want to confirm you don’t use the wrong module + carrier board pair.

In brief, “B01” module will only pair to “B01” carrier board while A02 module can only work with A02 carrier board.
Please make sure you didn’t put this two together.

i’ve got the new board in one piece, i’ll try to dump the console info on a serial console.
thanks … halit …