Jetson Nano wont boot from carrier board

I have two carrier boards here rev A02 and B01 along with two nanos rev A02 and B01. For some reason neither of the nanos will boot from the carrier board rev A02, but boot just fine from the carrier board rev B01.

I am attaching the logs captured during boot off of the serial port. I labeled them where CBA02 and CBB01 means Carrier Board (rev) A02 or B01, and JA02 and JB01 means Jetson (rev) A02 or B01.

Since the B01 board was booting fine I only included one boot log off of the A02.

Is it something that can be fixed or is the carrier board bricked?

Thank you!

CBA02_JA02.txt (9.7 KB) CBA02_JB01.txt (13.4 KB) CBB01_JA02.txt (18.6 KB)

Are both carrier board nv devkit?

Yeah, they are both Nvidia kits.

A02 carrier board would only supports A02 module. Does that one work there?

The A02 module doesn’t work on the A02 carrier board. The CBA02_JA02.txt file is what I can get from the debug UART. After the last line the board simply shuts off.

Which software is installed on this card? Do you ever flash it with sdkmanager?

I used this link to download the image Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer

I used Balena Etcher on both Windows and then Linux to setup the SD card. The SD card also fits all of the requirements.

It might just be that over time the board might have just bricked. It was sitting around for a while and handed around quite a bit too so a static discharge is not unlikely…

That seems to be HW issue, please go for RMA process: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer