Jetson Nano not booting after damage

Hi. We have an autonomous UAV and we use Jetson Nano for image processing. During a routine flight, our UAV crashed due to a battery anomaly.

As a result, the Jetson Nano’s front ports were damaged, especially the video and barrel jack ports. The barrel jack looked like it was broken in half, so we completely disassembled it and soldered a wire to use it instead.

It worked this way for a while, but one day it suddenly stopped booting. I haven’t been able to get a video since then.

The green light is on when I power it via micro USB. However, no further action is taking place.

How can I determine if this card can work?

Is the problem on the carrier board or the main module? How can I understand this?

If the problem is with the carrier board, how can I get a replacement product for this part?

Thank you in advance for your answers, I hope nothing like this happens to anyone. :(

Additional images:

Additional images:

You would need a serial console boot log to know anything more if it fails mid-boot (and video is a bad method to tell if it is booting). See:

Hard to say what is bad, but it is almost always the carrier board which is bad, and not the module. Unfortunately the dev kit carrier board is not sold separately. You could use a third party carrier board (which would require flashing with a new BSP, but you could still clone before that and save original content), or else get a second dev kit and use its carrier board.

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