Upgrading from the A02 to the B01

Well I put together a B01 board with exactly the same peripherals as my A02 and expected it to boot after putting in the micro-sd card from my A02.

Just that it didn’t, the nvidia logo didn’t load.

So what I did was flash a new SD card with the jetson-nano-sd-r32.1.1-2019-05-31.img and tried again. This time I got an nvidia logo boot but it didn’t boot the GUI.

Is there an authoritative guide out there for A02 users to upgrade to the B01? I found this https://www.arducam.com/nvidia-jetson-nano-b01-update-dual-camera/

I mean, this is quite a downer because it can deter any early adopters to upgrade to the B01 in preparation for the NX problems to be sortedo ut.

Please try with the sdcard image which is on later release. For example, rel-32.3.

When rel-32.1 image is released, there is even no b01 carrier board. It may not support at all.

Ok I verified that Jetpack 4.4 works. I downloaded that Apr 2020 release and it seems to ship with the nvidia container runtime too which is nice