NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01 Booting fail

I am using the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. I was using it in the existing A02 version, but there is a problem that it does not boot when the SD card is inserted into the B01 version. Is there any way to do the migration or fix the error?
I think the pinmux configuration (device tree binary - DTB) for the A02 version of the Jetson Nano may not be compatible with the B01 version.

Please have a new SD card to do the setup for B01 module. If still can’t boot, please do the reflash with SDK manager.


Can you please give a little more detailed guide? It would be helpful if you recommend a link or video.


you can check our developer guide to do a complete re-flash:

I will add some details: The Nano developer’s kit, which does not have eMMC, does have QSPI memory on the module itself. The equivalent of a BIOS, plus boot content, resides on the QSPI. Only the operating system lives on the SD card. So even if the SD card is perfect, it has to be mixed with compatible QSPI content. Sometimes this means you need to flash the Nano itself (not the SD card).

Flash software runs on an Ubuntu 18.04 (or 16.04 for this hardware) Linux system. JetPack/SDK Manager can download and set up the flash. L4T is what actually gets flashed (it is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers). Their release versions are tied together. See either of:

Full documentation is also in those URLs.

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