Flashing Issues with Jetson Nano 2GB developer

I have just started using my Jetson nano its not booting up.
Once I connect it to the monitor, I can see a NVIDIA green screen appear and after few seconds its automatically turning off and again turning on.
I have properly flashed the Image in to SD card as directed in NVIDIA website. Its working properly when connected with other Nano.

Jetsons do not have a BIOS, that content is in software. Despite having the operating system on the SD card it has a lot of other content, including the equivalent of a BIOS and the bootloader in memory on the Nano module itself. What you are describing is a need to flash the module itself. Very likely what is on it is old and not compatible with what was flashed onto the SD card.

You’d want to flash the Nano itself with a compatible L4T release (L4T is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers…start with Ubuntu, and when you add NVIDIA drivers, call it L4T). JetPack/SDK Manager is just a GUI front end to the flash software, and its version is tied to the L4T release, so if you pick one release you’ve more or less picked the other release. You will need an Ubuntu 16 or 18 PC for this (on command line you could use a wider range of releases), beware that VMs might work, but are problematic. Then go here and pick the compatible release:

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