Jetson nano startup issue

I made a copy of the image file I used before, but it cannot be used on a new Jetson nano.I want to know if it’s a hardware issue or something?Neither of these two Jetson nano has an EMMC.

If this is a third party carrier board, then you need the software from that manufacturer (layout of wiring has options which would differ). If this is a Nano dev kit, then you would find the proper release here (L4T is what gets flashed, and is a combination of Ubuntu and NVIDIA drivers, whereas JetPack/SDK Manager is flash software…their versions are linked so either gets you what you want):

Note that the module itself has QSPI memory, and that this is essentially firmware and boot content, along with what might be the equivalent of a BIOS. On an SD card model you must flash that. The SD card is only the operating system. To some extent the non-rootfs content must be compatible with the SD card content, which is why you will need to flash the Jetson itself. Instructions come with each of the releases. Note that you’ll need an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC (sometimes Ubuntu 16.04 will work). Beware that VMs tend to fail unless the USB setup is correct (if you don’t have native Ubuntu, then dual boot is recommended).

Thank you. I’m going to check the official documents.

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