Jetson nano boot problem

I have problem booting jetson nano 2GB. It actually comes from AI kit from waveshare, but I do not think it is important.

I worked with it, then after power cut it failed to boot. I loaded same image again to SD card and then I experience constant problems with boot.

It tries to boot twice and then stops after “Starting kernel”

boot.log (36.8 KB)


have you tried to re-flash it with SDK Manager or the flashing script in our BSP?

If the bootloader in the QSPI memory on the module is corrupted, which seems very likely in your case,
then flashing only the SD card is not going to help no matter how many times you try.

Yes, that definitely helped! I had problems using SDK manager because no one says that to flash Jetson Nano you MUST use Ubuntu 18. But yes, after SDK flashing new SD images worked well.

Thank you!

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