Jetson Nano not booting up

I have two Jetson Nano’s. I have some booting up issue with 1 jetson Nano, i’ve tried reflashing the SD card multiple times and it gives negative results everytime.
and about the second Jetson Nano it does have booting issues and also it does not provide power to Mouse and keyboard as i provide power supply.
Please let me know the solution asap.

Assuming these are dev kits (and running off of an SD card says likely they are), then you might need to flash using JetPack/SDK Manager from a host PC with the Jetson in recovery mode. There is some boot content stored in QSPI memory on the Nano itself, and this has had some changes depending on release. If the QSPI is not a correct version match for what the SD card has, then it might fail to boot. If so, then the solution is to flash the full Nano in recovery mode and not just create a new SD card.

On the other hand, if the SD card has an L4T release version (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”) which matches what was previously used (what was flashed into the QSPI), then it won’t matter and you could just work on different SD cards without needing to flash the Nano itself.

As soon as you migrate release versions you should consider the first flash to include the recovery mode Nano, and not just the SD card. After that you could just work with SD cards and ignore recovery mode flashing so long as versions don’t change.

Are you working with a version release number change?

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