Boot issue with jetson nano

Sir I had got one jetson nano 2gb development kit from think it is not booting the os keyboard and mouse light is not working and turning on please help me out with this issue.i also uploaded the os properly and also tried with 16 gb sdcards and also 32gb sdcard
please help me out as soon as possible
problem video is given below

Most people don’t realize that the Nano itself (for the SD card dev kit models) does have QSPI memory on it. That memory is used during boot. You will probably need to flash the Jetson itself (not the SD card) and it would likely work. You’ll need an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC to run JetPack/SDK Manager. See:

Note that if you ever want to debug a situation like this you would want a 3.3V level serial UART. Then you could get boot logs and information as the power is turned on even if the operating system itself never starts. See:

Do note that the QSPI release on the Jetson itself won’t change very often, and will thus work with several releases of SD card content, but that the two must be compatible in terms of release version. Typically many more recent releases all use the same QSPI content, but some of the older ones don’t. If you had a newer SD card release and an older QSPI release, then you’d probably see it partly booting and then failing. In your case I wonder if the QSPI is even installed (but you’d need the serial console to answer that). Regardless, flashing the Jetson would be the next step.

can you please send me related youtube video i am still beginner

Here is a good URL for the Nano:

Here are a lot of YouTube URLs related to this:

The most popular would be those from

This video is probably of interest, but does not show flash:

This video is what you want, but tends to emphasize the SD card and not the built-in QSPI memory. The SD card must match a compatible release of QSPI…QSPI does not change very often, but boot will fail if the SD card is from an incompatible release. If you use JetPack/SDK Manager when connected to the Nano, then it will “do the right thing” and update QSPI, but a pre-built SD card image might go with a different JetPack/SDKM release if you just install the image to the SD without using JetPack/SDKM on the Jetson itself:

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