Jetson Nano Dev Kid 2 GB not booting

Hello, I tried to boot my jetson nano with a new SD-Card a new image but now only green LED is on but no screen. If I switch to the other card which worked before it is also not booting any more… What can I do?

You’re probably running into a version mismatch for the QSPI memory (part of the module) and the SD card content. QSPI does not change a lot, but if the SD card image is from a newer or older era, then it fails. There maybe an attempt at updating the SD card when such a mismatch occurs, so it might make the previously working SD card no longer work.

The QSPI is only updated via JetPack/SDK Manager on a host Ubuntu 18.04 PC (20.04 will be used at the next major release). So you will have to flash the Jetson, and then add an SD from that same release. You can find SDKM versions here:

Get the newest version, and if you need an older release, then start SDKM with:
sdkmanager --archivedversions

Almost forgot: If your monitor is not HDMI, and instead uses an adapter, then this would cause video failure even if the installation actually works.

Hello thank you for your feedback, I will try update my Nano with SDK Manger and I will see if it fix it.
The problem is that I can not access my nano any more. I tried serval versions on the sd card but the HDMI screen is always black. Thanks :)

Flashing the QSPI of the Nano will probably make it available again. No need for anything to work when using flash software. Then pair it with the right release version of the SD card image.

What was the last version of jetpack release in use?

Hey I used the latest one 4.6 and it worked. Then I got stucked in the log in process. And thought it’s a good idea to reboot (was not), but since that I screen stays black with every version. But next step is to flash it with sdk.

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