Re-flashing SD card - Booting Issues

I have been using Jetson nano for a month now. Did some vision projects and everything worked fine.

I used a 32 gb sd card. Few days back i wanted to replace it with a 64gb sd card and hence i got a new sd card, downloaded jetpack, formatted the sd card, flashed it using balena etcher. Flash was successful.

When I put the sd card back to nano and booted it again, i can only see a black screen running some logs on it (I have attached a photo of it). Since the characters are very small it is not possible to see what is running. It’s been running for nearly 6 hours now. Any help to figure out whats happening would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

There are some earlier releases which differ in how much boot code goes into the QSPI memory versus on the SD card. If you are mixing releases, then this might be an issue. When you create an SD card by itself the result will differ versus using JetPack/SDKM to flash the Nano dev kit due to the QSPI. You might try flashing with the actual Nano dev kit and SDK Manager rather than directly creating a boot SD card.

Also, screenshots tend to be a pain and don’t show much. Consider using serial console to log the entire boot (which is much more informative and logs to another computer so it is easy for the log to survive any crash). See:

hello marysharyn1996,

are you using the same JetPack release image for these two SD-card?
otherwise, please re-flash the board to fully update both QSPI and your SD-card to have identical release version.
please refer to Basic Flash Script Usage for using to re-flash your Jetson platform.

Thank you! @JerryChang and @linuxdev ! I flashed the sd card with the same jetpack version that I used previously and reset my board by shorting pin 7 and 8 while turning on the module. The boot was successful.

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