Jetson nano boot only one time with SD card


I’ve a Jetson Nano Developer Kit and I want to run some test on it.

So I follow all the steps on the Getting start guide, I flash my SD card with the latest version image using Etcher and everything works fine.

But I make a mistake an I want to reinstall the SD card, so I format the card and flash it again using the same image and Etcher. But this time, my Jetson Nano not boot (the screen stay black, using the same screen that the first time)

I try with another SD card and the problem is the same.

Do you have any idea to fix this ?

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Please learn how to dump the serial console log first.

There is nothing in the serial console
I receive only Break (I tried 3 different serial terminal and I follow your link on JetsonHack)

Remove power from the Jetsom for 15 seconds.
Put power back on.
Does the green power light come on? Does it stay on?

Try booting the Jetson without any card in the SDCard slot.
What happens? Anything on the screen? Anything on the serial port?

What was the “mistake” you made, that made you want to start over?
What other devices have you connected to the Jetson, through what ports?
Have you placed the jetson on or near any metal? (paper clips, screwdrivers, tables, wires, etc.)

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It works but it’s not very easy to understand what happen, maybe a boot problem or something else …

It’s not really a “mistake” but I want to install another image (a backup, this backup works for sure in case you doubt)

But the backup doesn’t works, so I try 10 times at least to write many different version of images on SD card, no one works.

I try to flash one time using the SDK Manager, it works, but the image doesn’t take the full space of my sd card (128 go), so I try to put another card that doesn’t works previously. And this time works (just after one boot with sdk manager), isn’t very strange ? …

I take 3 days to understand this and I can’t. I will try with another version (but keeping one image that works !!!)

Any idea ?

I would suggest you could use this working sdcard to verify if you could check the functionality of serial console log first.
If you cannot see any log even with the working sdcard, then your setup in serial console is wrong.

We cannot tell what is wrong without the logs.