Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit Boot Loop after re-formatting SD card

Hello, I had a previously fully-functioning and running OS on my Jetson Nano 2GB Dev Kit. I decided to do a fresh install on my SD card (Samsung EVO 32GB) and after finishing OS configurations and rebooting, it got stuck on a reboot loop. I tried re-installing the image on the SD card again and now I couldn’t get past the reboot loop. I tried different versions of the 2GB Dev Kit including from the SDK Manager(extracted the .img from a VM) and none got me past the boot loop. I had not changed anything on the Jetson Nano and it had been running well previously. I tried using a bench top power supply to directly power it and it still didn’t get past the boot loop.

I searched similar forum posts and the cause for their issues was a bad power supply or incorrect image flashed on to SD card but I verified multiple times that it was indeed the 2GB version and I had also used my Raspberry Pi’s spare power supply along with a benchtop power supply to verify.

I am puzzled as to what the issue is now.
I am using the same exact image that worked initialy, the same power supply and the same HDMI cable and monitor. I already tried using different power cables and the issue still remains. One thing to note is that I am flashing the SD card using the process explained on the setup page.
Using SD card formatter to format the SD card each time and the Etcher to flash the SD card.

From this I can only think the SD card is faulty and I already ordered a 64GB one, but while I wait I still want to exhaust all possibilities.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can try to dump the log from uart.

So that we can know why the board gets stuck.

However, even after we checks the log, the answer may be still asking you to re-flash with the sdkmanager.
I also don’t understand how you “extracted the .img” from the sdkmanager. Actually, what you should do is prepare a dedicated ubuntu 18.04 host (non-VM), install the sdkmanager and let it flash your board. Not just creating another new sdcard image.

The sdcard image is just a binary with filesystem. It cannot install anything to the QSPI on the module. The QSPI has the bootloader software. Only flashing with sdkm can update it. Just swapping sdcard and sdcard image does not change it at all. If the bootloader it corrupted, it stuck during boot.

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Thank you Wayne,
I have already solved this issue and forgot to update it.
I did what you suggested. I had to install Ubunutu 18.04 on a spare laptop and install SDK manager there. It worked through the usb flashing. I am not very familiar with much of the embedded terminology such as bootloaders, however from what I can infer from your comment is that it was probably corrupted.

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