The jetson nano doesn't boot and freeze at nvidia logo

after doing an update and installing opencv i powered off the jetson and in the next day it wont boot and just freeze at nvidia logo. i tried to use another image and another sd card but it didnt work.
am useing the jetson nano 2gb and the update i did was via $ sudo apt-get update

What kind of power supply are you using?

You might want to move this to the Nano forum since more people would see it:

hi nick. its a 2gb model so am using usb c and it was working fine for the past 2 months or so

sorry linuxdev i thought is was the nano forum. i will move now ty

still didnt find any solution whatsoever

Do beware that if you use an SD card image, that the image has to be paired with the correct QSPI memory (which is on the Nano, not the carrier board or SD). There were a range of releases useful with earlier SD card images, and a set of other SD card images which would need newer QSPI content. QSPI is changed by flashing the correct release from JetPack/SDK Manager. Are all installation attempts flashed with the correct content for that SD card content?