Installing Linux on jetson nano

this is my really first time to use jetson and i coudn’t run Ubuntu 18 on it
the thing that i flashed my memory couple of time . I tried to flash once with the normal ubuntu desktop and the other time i used jetpack 4.6.1 .
These trials didn’t work at all .
I need help asap.

Do you have an Ubuntu host PC? Preferably Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. This would work with L4T R32.x (which in turn is just Ubuntu 18.04 plus NVIDIA drivers). L4T is what gets flashed, JetPack/SDK Manager is just a GUI front end to the flash software. Look at the most recent R32.x L4T here:

You can use a newer JetPack/SDK Manager, but you’d start it like this to see the older releases of L4T:
sdkmanager --archived-versions

If this is an NVIDIA Nano developer kit, then the software from NVIDIA will work. If this is from a third party vendor that uses a Nano module on their own carrier board, then there are likely adjustments. So before starting it is important to know if this is actually a purely NVIDIA carrier board, and if it is, confirm that there is an SD card slot on the module itself, and not on the carrier board (if the SD card slot is on the carrier board it changes a lot, and this would be a third party vendor).

Please note that for the NVIDIA SD card models there are precreated SD card images, but you have to flash the Jetson’s QSPI memory once for it to work most of the time. The QSPI is on the module itself, while the operating system is on the SD card. That boot chain content in QSPI has to be valid for it to correctly hand off to the SD card.

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