Does Jetpack-L4T-32.6.1 support Linux host Ubuntu 20.04?


Can I use Ubunutu 20.04 as Linux host for all my development activites(modifying and compiling the kernel source and flashing the images to target device) with Jetpack-L4T-32.6.1 ? Does the Jet pack have support for Ubuntu 20.04 as host?

No. At least JetPack/SDK Manager does not. This requires Ubuntu 18.04.

I will qualify by saying command line with “” does work on most flavors of Linux.

The current major release installs Ubuntu 18.04 onto the Jetson. The next major release will install Ubuntu 20.04 onto the Jetson. When this happens JetPack/SDKM will be used with an Ubuntu 20.04 host PC.

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