Jetpack 4.6.2 and Ubuntu 20.04

I’m still learning about the Jetson environment but I have a situation where I need to upgrade Ubuntu to 20.04 since 18.04 is EOL in April '23. From my current understanding it is not possible to use a higher version of L4T with the 4.6.2 driver package and software to create custom environment on an AGX module. I am being held to 4.6.2 due to a critical software dependency. What are other people doing about Ubuntu 18.04 reaching EOL? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The L4T release is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers, and this is tied to a specific JetPack/SDKM release. Any L4T R32.x is Ubuntu 18.02, and L4T R34.x+ is Ubuntu 20.04 (when JetPack 6 comes out maybe 22.04?). JetPack 4.x corresponds to L4T R32.x (Ubuntu 18.04). Flashing with JetPack 5.x (L4T R35.x) will give you an Ubuntu 20.04 Jetson. I’m pretty sure you’d have to flash to get that (versus OTA).

The host PC can be Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 if using JetPack 4.x, or the PC can be Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 if the JetPack version is 5.x. Command line flash has fewer restrictions.


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