Jetpack 5.0 , 4.5/6.x and Ubunutu version

From what I understand the Jetpack installed for the 4.5/6.x versions are built on Ubuntu 18.04 and you must use that version of Ubuntu to flash the Jetson Nano. Do you know if you can use Jetpack 5.0, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 to flash a Nano with Jetpack 4.5 / 4.6? I ask because we’re running into a few issues with Ubuntu 18.04 that aren’t present in 20.04.

Thanks in advance if you know.

A listing of which JetPack/SDKM release goes with which L4T release is here:

A list of which L4T can be used on which platform is here (L4T is what actually gets flashed):

You’ll find Nano is reaching “end of new feature support” and won’t work with JetPack 5.x/L4T R34.x (which is Jetson side Ubuntu 20.04). I don’t know if JetPack 5.x will currently support an Ubuntu 20.04 host PC (it might), but Nano won’t be able to take advantage of this (and JetPack 4.x only supports an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC).

One can flash on command line with other Linux distributions other than Ubuntu 18.04 as most of the requirements are for the GUI flash tool. There are limitations though to help installing optional programs (like CUDA) on command line though.

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Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I know the Jetson Nano won’t get Jetpack 5.0. I talked to a few Nvidia people at the Embedded Video Conference a month or so ago. That’s why I was specifically curious if Jetpack 5.0 could flash a Nano with 4.6.2.

I’ll ask our SW team if they operate completely in GUI or CLI.

I don’t know if JetPack 5 can run older versions. You could try seeing what shows up under:
sdkmanager --archivedversions
(JP 4.x shows a lot of older versions, but I have not tried with 5.x)

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I’ll note that though I have not tested the title of this program. Jetpack 5 to installed 4.5/4.6. Our SW team was able to flash a Jetson to 4.5/4.6 via command line from Ubunut 22.04.

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