Jetson nano SDK MANAGER support for ubuntu 22

Its really hard to get jetpack for SDK manager in ubuntu linux 22 for host machine to finally talk to jetson nano 2GB developer kit, some more info on how to solve this would be really helpful.

It is actually recommended (required?) to use Ubuntu 18.04. I think the JetPack 5.x (for L4T R34.x) developer preview can use Ubuntu 20.04 (I have not tried since my host PC runs Ubuntu 18.04). Some people use a VM, but this is not officially supported. The reason is that USB setup is the realm of the VM, and most VMs handle this incorrectly unless the user knows enough to force the USB to always go to the VM even if it disconnects and reconnects (which is what happens during flash). If you can set up the USB correctly, then a VM could work, but it wouldn’t be supported in any official manner.

Note that command line flash does not install optional content, e.g., CUDA, but command line flash tends to work on most any Linux distribution. It is the GUI front end which wants Ubuntu 18.04. Command line flash with will work from Ubuntu 22.04, and perhaps after that apt-get can install the optional content.

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