Jetson nano 4gb not responding

hi everyone,
my jetson nano doesnt seem to work at all. i tried flashing different .zip files, changed sd cards, hdmi cables, monitors, power supplies. nothing. the screen stays black as if nothing in connected and it doesn boot. any ideas? i am very disappointed because i am overdue to my project assignment due to this.
the green light is the only sign there is to see if the dev board is “alive”

I moved your post to the Jetson Nano category. You will have a better change of getting a better response here.

Please have a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04 to install the SDK manger to flash your device via the JetPack.

Follow the guidance. Put your board into recovery mode and flash it.

Hello again,
after trying sdkmanager in ububtu 16.04 all target components status are “dependency error”. Seems like jetson is not even found as target for the firmware

Which JetPack version you installed.
You may need to use Ubuntu 18.04 for JetPack 4.6.

Please run

sdkmanager --archivedversions

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