Jetson Nano Black Screen

I have a green light indicating power on my Jetson Nano, but the connected monitor shows a black screen without any activity. I have tested the same monitor, power supply, and SD card on another Jetson Nano, and they worked fine. The power supply I am using is rated at 5V/4A.
What is the problem? Is it hardware related?

Is this an NVIDIA developer’s kit? Meaning that the SD card is on the module itself, and sold by NVIDIA. There are third party carrier boards which come with eMMC and the SD card is on the carrier board instead of the module.

For SD card models (dev kits) the operating system is on the SD card. However, the equivalent of BIOS, along with boot code, lives on QSPI memory. That memory is on the module itself. You have to have a valid/compatible boot content in QSPI before the SD card will work. This means you probably need to flash the Nano itself (not the SD card). You’d do that with JetPack/SDK Manager on an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC (16.04 also works).

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