Jetson Nano doesn't boot

The Jetson nano I’m using has jetpack 4.5 installed. It could still be used normally the day before yesterday. Until yesterday, there might have been electric problems, resulting in abnormal boots and shutdown. I am now stuck on the boots screen:

Is there anything I can do to fix it?

You can flash the whole board with sdkmanager. Need to use natvie x86_64 ubuntu 18.04 host.

Hi @WayneWWW , thanks for your reply.
For “flash the whole board” What should I do? Is it similar to how I installed jetpack to the sd card?

No, this is different. SDcard image is more like a entry level tool we provide.

If something goes wrong and affect the boot, sdkmanager will format the board and re-install the whole bootloader+ rootfs to the QSPI device on the module and also the sdcard.

Here is the sdkmanager tool.

Is it possible to re-flash without affecting the files in the sd card?

There are lots of points here

  1. Actually, I don’t think your board is not able to boot. It is more like that it fails to launch the desktop. To check this, you can use the uart console, Jetson Nano Style – Serial Console – JetsonHacks

  2. I don’t think your issue requires to re-flash the whole board, however, the error is possibly inside the rootfs, which means still inside your sdcard. Thus, no matter what case, this sdcard may need to get formatted. So using sdkmanager maybe a quick way.

  3. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I can send the explanation in Mandarin.

Thank you for your reply, I can understand a little what you mean, and I also feel that my situation is more like not being able to open the desktop, or the user login interface.
For this part you suggest me to formatted sdcard directly, is that right?

  1. If you want to backup some files, use remote access like ssh to access the board and copy the file out. But this requires to make sure my previous point (1) is correct.

  2. If you want to clean setup, then using sdkmanager to flash the board would be better. There are some issues that cannot be resolved by only using sdcard image.

My situation is quite complicated, because when I use this nano, I manually connect to a hidden wifi, so ssh access is a little troublesome.
I’ll try formatted sdcard first, if it still can’t boot normally, I’ll flash the board.

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