Stop Shipping the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Kit-B01, J50 is on the wrong side!

J50 is on the top of the PCB under the SOM facing the rear: How did you think we could use that connector where you placed it? There is ZERO cases that fit nor will there be since if they extend the case for J50 you can’t reach the SD card.

Solder the connector, J50, on the bottom facing the front!

Did anyone think to look at this before you shipped it?

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Kit-B01

Hi, customer should not use dev kit for end product, it is only for development. The pins of J50 are pointing out and can be used with fit cables. Generally on Nano, the bottom side of carrier board is not for components placement because of its layout and mechanical design.

1> Some developers like to keep electronics housed to protect and shield the electronics as well as keep the dust off.
2> J50 has 12 pins all about power switch, reset switch, and LED, where do you mount the switches and LED? A case.
3> On the bottom of the board is a place for a coin battery for the RTC, the battery, diode, and capacitor are missing from the schematic or should I say ‘Concept’ schematic?
Matters not, waiting on RMA for the DOA Nano, I mill’ed a slot across the back of a case I had purchased and expanded the opening for the FEC cables, come Monday if I still haven’t received the RMA I’ll just purchase another.
Nice touch making the end users photograph the nano and fill out a form while logged in, South Park Cable guys come to mind.
Use the Nvidia Jetson Nano in an end product? A device that requires a dedicated Linux box to load software is by definition not for an end users…

Just got what you really mean, i will check this with the team of this. Will update the feedback once available, thanks.

I’ve been scratching my head looking for J50 then realized it’s not on the A02 revision. For those of us with earlier boards, the J40 and J44 connectors have been replaced with a 1x12 pin right angle header whose pin tips are even with the “front” of the board (opposite to USB, Power, etc.)

Agree that’s not a great place to have cable attached. On the bottom with the pins facing backwards would have been somewhat better.I say “somewhat” because if you have close-fitting cases, you may still not be able to get the wires out around the perimiter of the board.

Getting the wires past the heat sink isn’t nice, I gave up and just mill’ed a slot all across the bottom, screw it.
Still no RMA, ordered a new Nano, this project had a due date and with bad camera from Seeed (it was in a PI box but they didn’t pack it for shipping, plain envelope!) this just keeps dragging out.

We are estimating the possible solution, will update if possible. In current dev kit user guide in DLC, J50 is showed in Top View, it would be better to add a Rear View to emphasize the difference to A02. From HW view, only as a temp WAR if necessary, it is possible to remove J50 and solder it on the bottom side pointing toward the front.

The last multi-layer PCB I tried that on was put to rest with my other pet rocks.

I strongly agree with you, This is really a bad design!!!

So Geekwork. I have your N100 case…designed for the older Jetson Nano. The instruction overpacked with the case do no match up. How/Where do I connect the Power switch and Reset Switch based on the new Jetson Nano board? Do you have a workable modification to the case to make it fit?

Take a file and go crazy! I used a mill on mine, opened a slot from the center of the SD card vertically and horizontally to the left 45mm and right 35mm X 8mm high, looks like crap with wires hanging out but after all it is for development … While your at it mill a 2mm slot left of your fan 50mm for the two FEC cables.
I think it is Geekworm you’re thinking of

I do not use a case, but I found this one ingenious:


That’s brilliant!

I just designed my own stand and printed it.
Don’t get me wrong I have my gripes about the board.
But the solution isn’t that out of reach.

That worked except for the LED pins: Using male Dupont connectors the connector body lays on the WiFi/BLE module stopping the SODIMM from seating.

Move J50 to the bottom and add the RTC backup parts (battery holder, cap, diode) to the BOM.

Heh, I ran into this same issue a couple of weeks back . . .

Doesn’t look like they thought the placement through. nVidia, if you guys come up with a solution/patch/swap kits out, please include me on this list as well. I basically can’t use any buttons with the box I’m using as a result.

Someone on Redit thought of using jumpers then inserting wire from the rear into the top of the jumper, works, I crimped some male Dupont connectors on my switches, it works but the LED jumper doesn’t since the WiFi card plus the Dupont connector stop the Nano SODIMM from latching.

We update this case for A02&B01, Please refer to Geekworm N100 Metal Case with Power & Reset Control Switch&Camera Brac