Jetson Nano will not power on

I need some help getting this thing to power up. I am on my third Nano with none of them illuminating a single pixel! The first two were RMA 'ed and I am afraid the third one is junk as well.

I am using the the Adafruit 5V4A power supply recommended and have set the jumper J48 to the correct position. I get nothing. The green power LED is illuminated, but that’s it. USB keyboard mouse or not, no difference. I have an ONN 128GB microSD card installed and have formatted it as exFAT and just straight dd dump of the image to card. No difference.

How would I connect a serial port? From the documentation, when J48 is set to take power from the barrel jack, the mini USB port should function as a serial console, but I get no data from the port. The system it is connected to does not see a USB device connect/disconnect. So how are you supposed to get serial data. Please do not send me links for the older style board, with a single camera port; mine has 2 and no serial port header located near the camera port.

Any thoughts?



Maybe can help you.


I just wonder maybe there is something missing in your setup so that you RMA 2 devices before…

Here is a basic debug tips I wrote recently.

In brief, please try sdkmanager and dump serial log. Also, I am not sure what link did you see… the serial log is not from the usb port but from specific pin.

not my board. as I said I have two camera ports and no serial port header.

If you are using b01 carrier board, then the serial port pins are in J50.

Appriciate the attempt, but the link is broken.


Actually the link is in the download center. No need to wait me to provide the correct link.


I feel your frustration!

Fellow Noob here. I spent a while scratching my head over what looked like a dead board too. Green LED but nothing else.

I had downloaded an SD card image from the site and DD’ed the image onto an SD card. Powered up. Nothing. About to send it back.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I decided to try the SDKManager / recovery mode technique and to my surprise it worked.

Here’s my rough step by step. Maybe it can get you going. It’s a really nice board. Worth the effort.

  • download sdkmanager
  • run sdkmanager
  • select the right board (presuming Nano w/Dev Kit)
  • let it do its downloading
  • then it will put together a set of images for a set of partitions for the SD card
  • it will ask if it can flash your board.
  • power from the DC jack (or GPIO pins)
  • power jumper on
  • put Force Recovery jumper on pins 3 & 4 under the module
  • power up
  • remove Force Recovery jumper
  • connect host to micro USB port
  • confirm NVIDIA usb device (lsusb)
  • you say yes to the sdkmanager flashing your board
  • 15mins of flashing happens
  • at the end CONSOLE ON SCREEN, followed shortly after by glorious Ubuntu setup
  • sdkmanager will want to continue downloading all the lovely CUDA etc. stuff. You can say yes or no to that.

That method of download can be accessed from inside the SDKManager install (see ~/nvidia…) as One problem is that the resulting sd setup can’t get bigger than 16G without more fiddling.

I’m now 3 days into my Nano experience. Happily remembering how to build the kernel!

Best of luck.


Your suggestions led me to the resolution. And am posting from the jetson nano!!! One thing to note, on the B01 boards, it is jumper J50 and pins 9 and 10 … from the user guide.

• [J50] Carrier Board Rev B01 only: 12-pin button header; brings out system power,
reset, UART console, and force recovery related signals:
• Pin 1 connects to LED Cathode to indicate System Sleep/Wake (Off when system
is in sleep mode).
• Pin 2 connects to LED Anode.
• Pins 3 and 4 are respectively UART Receive and Send.
• Pins 5 and 6 disable auto power-on if connected.
• Pins 7 and 8 reset the system if connected when the system is running.
• Pins 9 and 10 put the developer kit into Force Recovery Mode if they are
connected when it is powered on.
• Pins 11 and 12 initiate power-on when connected if auto power-on is disabled.

Thanks all!

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