How to setup a JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT-A (alternative to B01)

I got a JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT-A , it is very similar to the B01 except that it come with the 16GB eMMC instead of an SD micro card. I try to setup using the SDKManager running on a VirtualBox Ubuntu 20.4 . It could Not detect the board and when plugged to the USB/Micro USB port on the Jetson a red light comes on. My first time on the Jetson so not sure what the red light meant ?.. Moreover, the SDK manager cannot detect the board. As anyone with any experience with this board can help me with the setup steps. I thought it be like with the Xavier NX . can it be the virtual Box who is creating a problem detecting the board.? I have a Linux box but it is a Kali and SDKmanager cannot run it seem because of a missing library … Thanks’s a lot. Alan

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Can you send a link to what you bought?

Here are some thoughts.
are you using the 5v barrel jack? if so is the jumper set to use it instead of usbC power?
if your trying to setup headless using the usbC port make sure the usb cable you have supports data. allot of the cheep cords people are including in the kit don’t support data! I lost 2hrs of my life on that issue myself.

VirtualBox is not supported in general, suggest to find a host PC with Ubuntu18.04. Thanks

VirtualBox may not be supported …however you can pass a usb device to the VM with
Devices > USB > Nvidia for tegra and then you can use it just like its was attached to a linux machine.

that is what I thought, so I installed Ubuntu 18.04 as it seems this was the best-supported version by SDKmanager, so as of today .

  1. It sees my board. I selected “Jetson-nano- developer Kit”
  2. Also I selected Host and Target and jetpack 4.6.1
    3.I was able to download all modules it build the Jetson Imag up to 99% and then hang with this error :
    " error systemctl preset failed on no such file or directory"
    but before when going from Step2 to step3 I had an error regarding the ATP and dbpk ability to update or install package and I had to run.
    " sudo dpkg --configure -a "

It took a long time, got few errors but manage through and when I click "retry " it went to step 3 .

questions that I have, for example, are. 1, should install Host first then select the target. 2. Is jetpack 4.6.1 is bug-free and is it ok to install on a blank hardware. 3. the jumper on the back, I first put a jumper on FC REC and GRD then power it on, after my board is detected I removed it, this is what I have seen it done on a video, someone updating to nano module with eMMC but is it correct .?

I am not a Ubuntu or Linux expert, most of my experience is with kali & doing Network Insertion, I am just now moving into A.I and D.P because of a publication I am working on. so I really appreciate any help I receive and in the meantime, I keep searching and see if I can fix that error.

Thank’s a lot.

The error msg I got when going from STEP 02 to STEP 03 .

SDK Manager is verifying system readiness to install.

Access to APT repository and ability to install Debian packages with it.

Your system is not ready for install, see specific errors below. Once fixed, click ‘Retry’ to verify system readiness again.

Access to APT repository and ability to install Debian packages with it.: Apt repository check failure (1. sudo -S apt-get update && sudo -S apt-get check; 2. dpkg --audit). E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?

thank you meeki007,

I am using the cable who came with the board USB/MicroUSB , I think it is good but I have a couple of other good data cables I will give them a try.

ok, the link to what I bought :

It should be similar to the B01 but with an eMMc instead of Micro SD, they have a comparison table. I got it because I rather have the Emmc . Oh well.

OH and I forgot unless I am making a mistake this board does not have that jumper. it is located right behind the 5V barrel jack isn’t .


I try but so far no success in fixing the binfmt-support issue I try many different ways to no avail, I think it best to re-install Ubuntu and this time I will install jetpack 1.4.1, I read when researching that some users had problems installing 1.6. 1 on a blank module, it worked ok as an upgrade to an already existing system but was hanging when installing on the new unit. will see.


  1. Host side in optional. To run your devkit
  2. keep the recovery pin-connection during installation
  3. VM is not recommended to install JetOS, forget it
  4. an eMMC installed Nano modules, no problem.

Would you try this at the recovery mode?

$ cd Linux_for_Tegra
$ sudo ./ jetson-nano-qspi mmcblk0p1

Ok, it is very late here now, and going back home early tomorrow morning for a 5 hrs drive., but I will try this soon I get home.
luckily I save the linux_for_Tegra directory.

so I try and let you know.

Thank’s a lot.


ok, so I proceed carefully and flash the nano, i think It went ok.

so now I need to reset and reboot from the nano, I will appreciate it if you could still help me a little bit with this, I search but didn’t really find anything on the reset and how to start the board.

I imagine with a jumper in the back, the first 2 pins are for a power btn and GRD, so do I just have those 2 touching with a screwdriver or a jumper but before I have to reset the board, there is also a reset pin but here if you could give me the step I appreciate I read of people burning the nano by not doing it right.

I try a few different things but nothing come up on the screen, so whatever I did … was wrong, the reset that what I am the more careful with, easy to fry your board.

thanks a lot ,



Good to hear about it!

  1. Power feeding
  • 5V 4A adapter via the [J25] jack: connect [J48] jumper pin
  • micro USB [J28]: open [J48]
  • by default, Jetson Nano developer kit is at an auto power-on mode. If you feed, it will be ON

To disable auto power-on mode, you need to refer developer kit user guide. Find [J50] pins.
To reset the dev kit, connect pin 7 and 8 of [J50] while running.

Thanks a lot for your reply so I di also research on my side and find a little bit more about my board.

  1. it is a 4 GB Jetson Nano (P3448-0020) , production module compatible. So I think the first mistake that I did every single time when using the SDK manager choosing the “Jason Nano Developer kit” instead of the first choice “Jason nano” who refer to the production module, by choosing the dev kit it seems (I didn’t verify it) the SDK manager was trying to flash the sd card and no the eMMC.

  2. because it is similar top a production board I do not have J48

couple of pics of my board. one shows the back pins (just like the B01) and the other top view of the board, so you got a clear idea, I could show the nodule but nothing special and the module id is 900-13448-0020-000

That is not NVIDIA’s devkit, but is an alternative from a partner.
In this case, the best answer is to refer the vendor’s manual. ^^

You can find a wiki link:

My apology for the late reply I was taken with work. ok, so thank’s a lot for exactly what needs it, trying today to follow the step for the software setup. I let you know .

I had a weird problem, my Linux box is Kali and I have so many tools loaded in it + that my workbox I didn’t want to touch it… I decide to use one name drives a 256 GB MP510 Corsaire, I try as best as I could and I couldn’t install Ubuntu 18.04 on it weird bugs keep popping up. I had to change the drive to my MX500 SSD. hmm, I know it can happen but I think it is the first time Happen to me where an HD seems incompatible … oh well.

An external USB storage is good point I think.

Alright done… bravo and thank’s a lot. Not having your help and guidance it would have been a lot more complicated, A couple of pics to celebrate.
The biggest problem was this bug with 18.04,

$ sudo dpkg --configure -a
setting up snapd (2.14.2~16.04) ...

and then hang forever… making it impossible to update/upgrade, and crash with each SDK manager try. I look and look for a solution to this problem and only find it today by chance, had to go into recovery mode and fix the ubuntu name server but after that, it was a different system, like that old Chinese proverb said." Don’t be afraid to go slow, just be afraid to stop, to give up" especially true in our field.

again a big thank MtHiker


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Good and Congrats!

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yep, waiting for this then plug the MX500, but I think I can still boot from the eMMC , this is better than the Micro SD and I don’t think it makes that much difference … well will see.

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