Certification on free course

Can we get certification after finishing some free courses?

When I see some of the discussion forums here, I see many people who do the free course and complain about the certification.

Can you please give us a clear list of courses that come with certification? Also, to clarify one more time, can we get certification after finishing free courses?



Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a list of courses that offer a certification.
Maybe one of the DLI engineers can comment.

Alright, I’ll be waiting then. By the way, thanks for the response, though!

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I think you will not get certificates.


I’ve reviewed your account and neither of the courses that you’re enrolled in have certificates available. Some of our free courses do offer certificates (for example Course Detail | NVIDIA is free and has a certificate available).

We recently updated our learning platform, and at the moment we do not have indicators for whether certificates are available in a course, but we hope to have that soon.

OK, thank you for the information, sir. However, for now, apart from the courses: Disaster Risk Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery; can you list me any free courses that have certificates sir?

A complete list of available self-paced courses, their price points, and whether certificates are available can be found at nvidia-learning-training-course-catalog.pdf

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