cg programming using [SLI 2 gtx260+]

Hi all,

I don’t know where else to post my question:

Does cg surport multi-graphics card programming? If so, how can I configure the programming condition?

Detailed description follows here:

I’ve been programming with cg for a while, the computing is time-consuming, about 1.1fps.

Recently in my lab, a new pc with 2 gtx260+ card was bought, the nvidia control pannel showed that SLI was enabled.

And my program’s fps increased to 4.9fps, which is lower than that I expected.

Then I pulled off the sli-bridge and the second graphics card’s power, restart the computer, the fps remained 4.9.

So I come to the conclusion that my program was running on only one card.

Yes, Cg does support multi-GPU programming. But I think SLI on GeForce only supports full-screen applications (i.e. games). Quadro supports SLI acceleration of windowed applications.