Change FUSB301TMX to FUSB303TMX

We are designing a new customized board, but the FUSB301TMX (Autonomous USB Type-C Controller with Super Speed Switch Control) can’t be found from the market.
HW want’s to replace by FUSB303TMX, is it OK?
Is there any driver to control the chip, and where is the path ?

Let me forward this question to our HW design team, please wait for our update. Thanks

Is there any news from HW ?

Hi, FUSB303TMX is not validated on Orin nano. Please check with vendor to find out if they are compatible.

Is there any driver to control the FUSB301TMX, and where is the path of the Linux_for_Tegra ?


We don’t have info for this kind of hub. The usb software on jetson side should be same for these two.

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