Changing resolution of egl output stream in runtimeag

I’ve been looking to change the resolution of a camera output egl stream in runtime. I’m using Icameraprovider class from argus samples for camera initialization and Iegloutputstreamsettings class to get the stream attributes which is also taken from the argus samples. Now I’ve declared the value as static and tried to change the resolution value during runtime. But the changed value is not taken during runtime. I cant find where im wrong. Is it because I’m using the consumerthread class which is again from the argus samples which has threadinitialize, threadexecute and threadshutdown processes that has while() ? or is it anything I’ve not known. Do guide me to solve this problem.

Thank you

This is not supported by default. For changing resolution, you would need to terminate the current application and re-launch it with new resolution.

One possible solution is to get NvBuffer and render through NvEglRender. You can get NvBuffer by calling createNvBuffer(). If resolution changes, can destroy the current NvBuffer and call createNvBuffer() with new resolution. Also need to re-initialize NvEglRender with new resolution.

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