GTK implimentation in Argus multimedia api

I’ve been trying to build an user space application in which the the camera output has to be displayed in a gtk window. I’m using the argus implementation of gtk. Now I have to change the window size during runtime. I tried the glresize and other similar functions but its not working. I dont know where I’m wrong, please do guide me to solve this problem. Adding note, for camera interfacing I’m using Icameraprovider class and consumerthread class where both are from the same argus multimedia api implementations.

Thank you

Please refer to suggestion in
Changing resolution of egl output stream in runtimeag - #2 by DaneLLL

Hi @DaneLLL
The reference provided explains about egl output stream. But I wanna know how to change the window size during runtime. In native gtk library we use gtk_window_resize function to resize the window and gtk_window_move function to move the window. The same is used in setwindowrect in gtk implementation of window. But the problem is, its not working when changed during runtime. I wanna wheather is it possible to change in runtime or is there any other method to do this.

We don’t test this use-case in default release, so it may not work properly. Please check if it is good to use NvEglrenderer class and re-initialize it if you would like to change window size.

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