Rendering Frames on GtkGL Area


I’m working on to create a CPP-based embedded application, where I need to render frames in a GtkGL Drawing Area inside Main Gtk Window. I found nvargus api which has the ability to render frames in gtkgl drawing area (api is setEGLDisplay) also I found plenty of examples for the same inside argus/sample dir. but in every example, they are rendering frames directly from nvargus.

Do we have some example where we can render a frame in glwindow after doing some transformation? Even API’s will work or a documentation


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Hi @yashrajs,

maybe you want to look at the OpenGL tutorials explaining basic usage of OpenGL with any window toolkit. They use GLFW so you need to somehow replace that with a drawable or window in your application that can be used as a GLWindow to create a GL context.

But essentially that is all you have to do, create a GL usable window context so GL has a framebuffer to render to.