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Hi guys,
I need a sample code that uses EGL window based on DRM (Direct Render Manager) utilizing OpenGl and Shader to draw shapes like rectangle, text and image on screen. Furthermore, I need to overlay OSD (GL shader) on the camera output with specific transparency using alpha blending. Is it possible to record the whole screen (camera output and OSD) in the absence of X11/Wayland using EGL window based on DRM. The target platform is Jeson TX2. Thanks for your help.

You would need to use either EGL render or DRM renderer. Please refer to the jetson_multimedia_api samples:


And can check the implementation:


Above are jetson_multimedia_api. For recording screen output, you may try gstreamer and use ximagesrc plugin. Can refer to the command:
Zero-copy screen capture - #3 by DaneLLL

Thanks for the reply. However, as I mentioned I don’t want to use X11 or Wayland for rendering. I want to utilize DRM and EGL window. The sample codes you have listed either rely on X11 or doesn’t have EGL window. I will be grateful for any further hints and/or sample codes.
Thanks so much for your help.

The use-case is not supported in default releases. Would see if other users have worked out a similar solution and can share experience.

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